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啟用Zee™ 攝影機至 IvedaXpressTM 影像雲端管理托管服務。不需要花昂貴的價格就可以運用隨插即用的數位攝影機。特別設計適用於消費者及小型企業客戶,IvedaXpress 降低了數小時繁雜的網路設定與維護。隨著 IvedaXpress服務, Zee攝影機可以架設在多個地方並透過可以上網的智慧型手機或平板在任何地方都能遠端連線至單一介面來觀看影像。因為Zee攝影機是託管在雲端服務上,所以不會因為同時有多數用戶連線而降低影像品質。此解決方案提供廉價並簡單安裝於企業等級的影像監控用在家庭,辦公室或小型企業客戶。 Zee 攝影機產品線包含室內型,戶外型及可調角度型(水平/垂直)的攝影機。

• 簡單設定
• 以實惠的價格觀看到優質的影像
• 單一介面看到你所有的攝影機
• 可從電腦,平板或智慧型手機來觀看影像
• 雲端託管服務, 24/7 Web 執行觀看即時影像及錄影回放



IvedaXpress is a simple surveillance solution for your home, office or business on-the-go.

IvedaXpress is supported by a best-in-class, secure, remote, data center with fully fault-tolerant infrastructure designed for high reliability, availability and security. Since the video data is stored remotely there is no need for a local recording device and no concern for connectivity or disruption of mission critical video data. Remotely stored video data eliminates the risk of video footage being destroyed or stolen. Additionally, off-site video hosting and archiving allows multiple simultaneous users to access their video data remotely – whenever and wherever they need it most.


  • Simple Surveillance Solution (Home, Office, Business On-the-Go)
  • Enterprise Level Camera Management System
  • One Login, One Web Browser
  • No Local Recording Required
  • Secure Remote Data Storage
  • Centralized Video Access
  • Enhance Safety
  • Reduce Risk

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